Piano Clients

About the technician Robert Springer

Robert Springer is a nationally recognized piano technician. He has worked as a technician for the School of Music at Arizona State University for five years. The School of Music still uses Robert as a consultant. He is the servicing technician for Grand Canyon Univeristy, Xavier College Preparatory, and multiple local recording studios and performance venues. Other tuning experiences include tuning for the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, ASU Symphony Orchestra, Tempe Center for the Arts, and Arizona School for the Arts.

For 14 years, Robert was an early part of the production of Ravenscroft Pianos. His main contribution were Action Design and Manufacturing, as well as other areas. Robert maintains a tuning clientele so that much of his expertise can be brought to the client's piano.

He has taught locally and nationally on piano technology. His company, Springer Enterprise, is quite involved in the progress and understanding of acoustic pianos. Some of the company's research and development has even taken Robert to Europe to discuss action design with a well known German piano manufacturer. Other training includes time prepping pianos at Maison Erard in Amsterdam.