Client Testimonials


After I first bought my new Schimmel upright, the piano tech who worked on it (twice) tuned it very well and it sounded beautiful. However, due to some regulation issues that went unresolved, Robert was then recommended. Well. Night and day. Not only was the regulation taken care of but the newly tuned voice of my piano was incredible! Robert has tuned and maintained regulation on my piano for some time now, and I must say that I never cease to be blown away at the result. It does not matter how well I’m playing, or if only practicing finger exercises, it is a joy to listen to the music my piano makes...all along up until the next tuning. If you are particularly insistent on your piano performing its best, with not only how it sounds but also the touch and feel, it is necessary you have a top-notch piano tech. That would be Robert.

Phoenix, AZ

Dear Fellow Musicians,

At The Blue Door Studios, LLC. we require that our piano always sounds its best. Since Robert has started tuning and regulating our piano once a month, our clients have all been amazed at how beautiful and enjoyable the piano is to play. Robert not only tunes the piano, he meticulously works on every aspect of the sound and feel. Simply, he makes instrument sound incredible! We won’t trust anyone else with our beautiful instrument.

Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Lloyd Meyer [Renner USA],

I wanted to thank you so much for your recommendation of Robert Springer to repair my aging Steinway. I am exceedingly pleased with the work that Robert completed on restoring the action on my piano. My piano sounds better than when my mother purchased it more than 50 years ago. The action is absolutely wonderful and the tone is beautiful. Robert was prompt, polite, and professional in his dealings with me and I would recommend his work highly to anyone. However, it is thanks to you for finding this fine young man to do the work on my piano, especially since I called you out of the blue with only a recommendation to call you from Paul Haller. I am very grateful for your effort.

Tucson, AZ